Business Insurance

Commercial Insurance and business exposures are complex. Unfortunately, we have found that many sell insurance based upon price, which of course is important, but being properly covered is more significant. No insurance program can cover all exposures but it is important that a review is done and insurance set up that covers as much as possible within the budget of the insured company. This is an on-going process because as a business grows or constricts or operations changes, the insurance requirements may change as well. We pride ourselves on our relationships with our clients, some of those relationships go back generations.

Start a Conversation


We are accessible and diligent not only at the time of the initial sale but also in the years that follow. Our close relationships with our clients helps us design insurance programs that meet their needs. The better the relationship and communication, the more information we will have along with a better understanding of the needs of the client which helps us obtain competitive pricing and broad coverage.

We write insurance for nearly all types of businesses, but over the years we have had concentrations in the garment industry, import/export business, medical and other office exposures such as accountants and law firms along with construction and real estate development.


We also write main street business such as your local florists, restaurant, retail store etc. We have clients that range from start-ups to firms with sales over $100 million dollars annually.

We also handle new business ventures. Insuring new companies due to their smaller size usually involves lower premiums (although not always the case due to lack of experience or prior coverage) and a large time expenditure. As many new companies do not survive long term and due to the above, many agents and brokers are not overly receptive to handling. We feel differently! We view new ventures as an opportunity. We spend time educating the client on various forms of insurance and assist them in the process. By developing this close rapport early on we find that our partnership with these insureds is very strong so we both succeed together as they grow.


Business insurance coverage we write include Property, Liability such as Commercial, Products and Professional/E&O Liability along with D&O coverage and Employment Practices Liability and also Workers Compensation, Statutory Disability, Auto, Business Income, Crime, Employee Dishonesty, Cyber Liability and many others.

Just a note to say "thank you" for your many years of high quality service to National Food Trading Corp. Our rates have always been competitive but even more important, based upon your coverage analysis we have been covered over the years for various claims, even ones that were out of the ordinary. Your attention to detail and your efforts on our behalf have been greatly appreciated. We also appreciate how responsive the entire organization is to our many service requests. — Mike Manley, Chief Financial Officer, National Food Trading Corp