Life & Health Insurance

We write Life, Disability and Long Term Care coverage with the top companies in the market using a product that fits your needs. Our approach is a collaborative one involving a discussion of your needs and desires for protection, budget and overall goals and come up with a solution that is reasonable. For example, while the purchase of Whole Life can be a very good idea for long term permanent protection for some, in other cases due to the premium it is not the best choice if it will cause you to be able to afford and purchase less coverage than your family needs.

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Health Insurance has become more complicated with the ACA and various regulations. The market in some areas also can be quite limited. We assist our clients in reviewing the various options that are available in the group market. Not only do we assist in the purchase of a group plan but we also assist with questions and inquiries that arise over the course of time so our clients are not going it alone. Unfortunately, we do not write Individual Health Insurance at this time.

For the past 25 years A. Zeeman Company has been providing our business with commercial insurance as well as medical coverage for our staff. They have also taken care of my person insurance needs. Ron Altman is extremely knowledgeable and experienced in all types of insurance and his staff has been extremely helpful. When it comes to claims, Ron is a strong advocate for his clients has a considerable understanding of insurance law. I wholeheartedly recommend A. Zeeman Company as you couldn't have a more capable agency on your side. — Bob Friedman, President, Magno Sound, Inc.