Personal Insurance

Insurance is NOT a commodity. There are variations in coverage forms that can be significant. Cost is an important factor but should not be the deciding factor. If a premium savings of $500 is realized but then a claim is not covered which costs thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars that is not a favorable trade off. We assist our clients with a coverage and risk analysis, discuss items that possibly could be self-insured and ways to reduce exposure to loss.

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Our office provides protection for Homes, Condos, Co-ops (with a concentration in High Value residences), Auto, Umbrella Liability, Valuable Articles such as Jewelry, Watches, Furs, Fine Arts, Wine and other Collections, Flood, Earthquake, Yachts and Boats, Workers Compensation and other coverage for domestic employees et al.


Our approach is to purchase broader protection whenever possible and offset the additional cost for the better coverage thru higher deductibles and other means. If you own a $4,000,000 home most likely can afford to repair damage that costs $4500, what you want to make sure is if it's a much larger claim that you are protected by a favorable policy written with a top insurance company.

For the past 25 years A. Zeeman Company has been providing our business with commercial insurance as well as medical coverage for our staff. They have also taken care of my person insurance needs. Ron Altman is extremely knowledgeable and experienced in all types of insurance and his staff has been extremely helpful. When it comes to claims, Ron is a strong advocate for his clients has a considerable understanding of insurance law. I wholeheartedly recommend A. Zeeman Company as you couldn't have a more capable agency on your side. — Bob Friedman, President, Magno Sound, Inc.